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Re: band saws growling in deeper cuts

Date: 17 Jan 2004
Time: 14:48:21
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Sometimes in a VPD saw you will get a repeat pattern "like every fifth tooth is bent". The saw teeth are broken down into "segments", usually comprised of 5 teeth. I found that the last tooth of the group had the slimmest back and ended up being unstable in the cut causing a pattern on the sawn lumber and also caused washboard, and therefor negating the reason for the variable pitch in the first place. These saws also had a completely different sound to the standard toothspaced saws and the sawyers were somewhat uncomfortable with this as they couldn't guage feed speed by the sound of the saw anymore. It is possible that the sound you are hearing is caused by the tooth segments creating different harmonics in the saw and thus the growling sound. Have you tried a fixed pitch saw to see if there is a difference in the sound? As for the Variable pitch saws, we went back to the standard pitch saws because we found no advantage in using the VP saws, we still had washboard and the fifth tooth got so slim that they would bend or break off causing grief for the fitters and down time due to saw changes. Cheers, Stevieray.