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major saw cracking problems

Categories: Saw cracks
Date: 25 Feb 2004
Time: 08:01:02
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Recently, we have had a severe saw cracking problem with the same bandmill. We run a quad in a studmill with old salem badmills. I noticed that the top wheel of this particular bandmill has some slight build up on it due to a scraper that does not contact the wheel all the way across. I have mentioned this several times, and no one seems to be to concerned about it. Should they be? We have changed bearings on top and bottom wheels, strain points, bushings, checked alighnment and nothing seems to help. Could this be our problem, or is there anything else that could be causing this. Any ideas would be greatly aqppreciated. I apologize for the lack of information regarding the bandmills and saws. I am not a filer, just a concerned millwright.