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Bruce Lehmann

Bruce Lehmann, Ph.D, P.Eng. is a mechanical engineer. For 14 years he analyzed and experimented with circular saws and bandsaws at the University of British Columbia Wood Sawing Laboratory.  He studied the factors that influence cutting accuracy, gullet cracking, washboarding and the effects of misalignment on sawing accuracy.

Bruce was with TKT since 1994 and a partner since 1996. As Senior Engineer he led a consulting program and was active with the development of new products and with mill training programs. He wrote the BandSel computer program based on his research findings for his doctorate and led the technical development of BoardRunner.

Bruce has presented papers at local and international conferences on sawing technology, such as the B.C. Filer's Association Annual Meeting, and at the Wood Technology Show in Portland.  He also gives a yearly seminar on alignment for the British Columbia Institute of Technology Wood Manufacturing course, and taught sawing technology courses at the Value-Added Skills Center in Abbottsford, B.C.  Bruce is also a director of WoodLinks, a program for upgrading woodworking skills in high-schools.


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