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Edgers need proper alignment to operate accurately and consistently...

Well maintained and operated Edgers are the key to profitable sawmill performance. Many things can go wrong and lead to problems such as:..

  • saw damage and unscheduled saw changes

  • jammed cants

  • tapered side pieces

  • Increased target size

  • Beveled boards

To avoid these problems, the guides must be exactly plumb and parallel to the feed direction.The bed and press rolls must be level and perpendicular to the feed direction.

For the past 15 years,TKT has sold its Edger Alignment Kit as a proven precision tool to give accurate measurements of the guides and the feed rolls.The kit has two products that can be bought seperately - or more often as a package.....

1.The Guide Alignment Jig  to check if the guides are at a right angle to the arbour.  The Guide Jig consists of a linear bearing mounted a right angle to a pair of V-blocks.  With the V-blocks strapped to the arbour, a dial gauge, mounted on the linear bearing, can be moved over the surface of the guide.  Any deviation measured by the dial gauge points to problems of bent guide bars, bent guides, sawdust or burrs in  the clamping area, or incorrect guide dressing.

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Guide Alignment Jig 

2. Piano Wire Alignment Jig (sometimes called a swing arm) is first used to setup a piano wire at right angles to the arbour.  With the jig strapped to the arbour, the contact point at the end of the arm sweeps an arc that is exactly 90 degrees to the arbour.  The contact point is an electronic sensing head that shines a light when the contact point touches the wire.  It is possible to detect contact within 0.0005 inch.

The manual describes a method for positioning the wire with only one trial measurement.   This time-saving is possible because the contact head has a dial gauge for measuring how much the wire is off-square. 


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Piano Wire Alignment Jig (or Swing Arm)


Once the wire is in place, the swing arm is strapped on the feed rolls to check whether they are square to the wire.  The infeed and outfeed bed rolls should also be checked.

With this kit and a precision machinist's level, you can accurately align an edger for maximum performance.

Manufactured by:

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The electronic sensing head is available separately for use on custom jigs.

The edger alignment kit is available with short or long arm lengths for a range of saw diameters and guide locations. We will help you to pick the correct length..

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