Critical issues for the filing room

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Critical issues for the filing room

Postby thinkerf » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:15 am

What do you think are the critical issues facing the filer right now and in the foreseeable future?

After we've compiled a list, based on your suggestions, I'll create a poll so you can vote on it.

Some ideas:
- Need for speed - pressure to feed faster with the same kerf and plate
- Filer training - enough, not enough?
- Shortage of filers - between retirements of baby boomers and low prestige of the wood industry, it's getting difficult to find people
- Automation in the filing room - are we loosing skills?
- Is technology changing faster than you feel comfortable with?
- Do you feel that the filers are part of the sawmill management team?
- What are the trade-offs of advanced equipment? Speed and consistency, vs what to do if it breaks down?
- What is the main contribution of the filing room to mill success? (these days, mill existence)
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Re: Critical issues for the filing room

Postby nwfiler » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:49 pm

I think the future of the file room, will evolve around training. Todays sawfilers are loosing the basics of filing. Getting workers trained for filing is very hard. Each individual learns at their own pace. Most of the trainee's quit to do something else, before they learn anything. The days of the generational filer are gone.
Today's mills are becoming more and more automated, and some filers are not included or don't want to be included in the training and set up of these machine's. When the filer is left out of this process, the saw performance tends to lead to guess work.
Saw design and performance relies on proper alignment and accurate measurements. Relying on others to give accurate assesments of the machine alignment and speeds, can doom a filers success, and inturn the saw mills success.Other workers just don't have the buy in, as the filer has.
Todays saw filers seem to be loosing ground with the level of importance in the management's eye. Most filer's wages are loosing ground with the millwrights.This causes a communication problem with maintenance, important problems for the filer, aren't so important to the maintenance .
Being a part of the management would help solve some of these problems. "seeing eye to eye"
The contribution a good solid file team brings to a mill are quality, pride, and confidence.
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