canter saw

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canter saw

Postby sawfin » Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:01 pm

we have a canter saw 25" .320" kerf 1180 rpm 60 teeth cuttting 4" to 20" depth of cut
at 465' fpm our tooth bite is .079 and GFI is 1.24 when we get into a 14" depth of cut our feed is 252 fpm tooth bite is .043 and our GFI is 2.43 the problem our shop feels we have is the saw is cutting full with of the kerf in the cant not facing the cant and letting the wing knife do its job. So with .028th lead in saw and .040th side clearance we feel its pushing the cant from side to side causing a poor finish and maitaince feel the setup is correct. :twisted: :twisted:
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