Cornell Linebar using 14" Strobe blades

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Cornell Linebar using 14" Strobe blades

Postby palletking » Fri May 08, 2009 9:28 pm

I am looking for help from anyone who has used a Cornell Linebar Resaw with strobe blades to resaw southern yellow pine into pallet lumber. It is my understanding that the Cornell Linebar uses 14" diameter blades. We are based in Texas and have used Baker & Morgan band saws since they were first brought onto the market. We are tired of fighting with irregular blade runs, excessive sawdust on boards, and the need to constantly be tuning the machine guides on a weekly or more basis. There is nothing more aggrevating than having a complete saw line with a multi trim saw, gang rip saw, and band resaw, resawing 2 x 12's into 1 x 4 and you have a band blade break two hours into a saw run.
We are looking at purchasing a Cornell Linebar Resaw, but still need to end up with 1x4's as close to 3/4" as possible. We were hoping to use strobe blades with about a .135 kerf and end up with 1 x 4 's just slightly under 11/16". We would really like to be able to have about a .125 kerf and get 1 x 4 's that measured right at a full 11/16". Can we run 14" x .135 kerf strobes to resaw 2x4 and 2x6 into 1 X material without having blade guides or any type of blade coolant? If this is possible then how many board feet of southern yellow pine could we run before blade changes considering that we are running 2 x wides and deal with some larger knot sizes. We are wanting to run the Cornell Linebar @ 100 ln/ft per minute minimum, and would like to approach ln/ft per minute rates of 150' +. Is this possible or am I dreaming?
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