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Accurately and Quickly grind Key Knives on your Bed Grinder

  This Grinding Jig was developed to keep the sharpness of Key Knives and to reduce the cost of grinding them.


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How it works

  • The Jig is referenced to grooves in the bed.  The only adjustment is to set the bed angle at approximately 10 degrees.
  • Each knife is positioned by a keyway, exactly as it is held by the Key Knife holder.
  • The clamping action of the Key Knife Grinding Jig ensures that the knives can not move during grinding.
  • The clamping force is either supplied by the electro-magnet in the grinding bed or by mechanical clamps.
  • Knives can be quickly loaded or unloaded by sliding them along the keyway of the Jig.



  • Many knives can be ground at the same time.
  • Superior sharpness when using a rigid, vibration-free bed grinder.
  • Knives of different lengths can be ground at the same time
  • Setup is quick and easy.



Prices are the same for Key Knife Standard (KKS) and Heavy Duty (KKH) knives except for the 36 inch Standard

We do not recommend lengths longer than 48 inch as they are cumbersome and difficult to keep straight.  If you wish to use the full length of your grinding bed, we suggest using two shorter lengths.

Description U.S. Price

Heavy Duty 36 inch long

(stock item)

$ 350
Standard 36 inch long $ 350

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