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We hope you will be interested in these web sites.  Suggestions for other sites are welcome.  Click on the logo to link to the company's web site or e-mail.

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Job board, articles on filing.


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Wood Manufacturing Program and Saw Filers Apprenticeship

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Research on sawing, drying, and wood composites.

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Filing room equipment, knife grinders, saw guides


Quality Control and Maintenance Programs


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   General site on wood, drying, and woodworking


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Forest Industry - magazine articles, equipment for sale...


Portland Wood Technology Show & Clinic



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BC Wood Specialties Group

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Supplier Directory, Events, etc.

Directory of companies, supplier, associations, research organiztions


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Forest Products Equipment listings


Doug Shermin's Sawyer's Page - Extensive links to wood and sawing related sites

Northeast Sawfilers Association

Southern Sawfilers Educational Association

Wood Machining Institute    Seminars and news letter on wood machining and sawing. 

The Engineer Magazine and other engineering magazines

Predictive Maintenance - discussion, chat, links

Maintenance Technology Magazine

Reliability Magazine - Several discussion boards

Society for Maintenance & Reliability   - forums on aspects of wood products plant maintenance

Suppliers - California Saw & Knife Works (Cal Saw). - (New England Machinery) interesting information on trouble-shooting saw problems. - Armstrong Manufacturing.  Good tips on setting up grinders. - Cut Technology - Carbide and other tipping technology.  Also, affect of heavy metals on health.

McMaster Carr   (Pi Tapes)


McDonough - Simonds Industries




Vancouver Gear



Lumber Manufacurers

Louisiana Pacific

Pope & Talbot

Roy O. Martin Group (Martco)


Slocan Forest Products

Weldwood of Canada





Precision machining and instrument design

Thomas Bonac



Super Thin Saws





New design for Electric Sensing Head

Magnetic Feet for Spider

Calculators for Saw Design and Guide Pressure


Updated Filer's Forum


Technical Papers
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Formulas for saw feeds & speeds

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