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Welcome to the Filer's Forum ! 

Thin Kerf Technologies hosts this on-line discussion group for anyone interested in sawing technology.  Feel free to submit questions, observations and especially your answers to other peoples questions.  

There are several topics of discussion so that you can go directly to the subject which you are interested.  In addition, when someone enters a new question, this starts a "thread".  When you answer to the question, you make the thread longer.  Each thread is separated to that you can easily trace its history as more information is added.

Lastly, if you do find an answer to you problem, whether it came from the Filer's Forum or not, please post the solution so others can see how the story turns out.


There are individual forums for different aspects of saw filing.  This will make it easier to find information and keep track of discussions.  I've also included a forum for millwrights. 

For those wanting to post a job or are looking for a job, you're best bet is the BC Filers Job Board


Forum Possible topics
Circular Saws trim saws, edgers, leveling, sharpening, design, feeds & speeds, vibration, guides, lubrication, brazing & tipping, arbours, collars
Bandsaws benching, sharpening, design, feeds & speeds, vibration, lubrication, wheel grinding, strain systems, welding
Alignment and Calibration all type of bandmills, edgers, carriages, canters.  Also calibration of gauges and instruments
Knives and Chainsaws maintenance, sharpening, safety, babbitting
Filing Trade Safety, training & apprentices, management of the filing room, justifying new equipment, new technologies, saw quality control


Original Filer's Forum.

The postings of the original forum can still be viewed, but you can no longer post new questions or reply.

Old (1998-2004) Filer's Forum Postings

If you have not participated in the Filer's Forum, please read the notes below first.

Some Suggestions....

Until the technology  of running a discussion group can include pictures, we are limited to the written word.  To reduce unnecessary hair-pulling, please think about the following when posting a question or reply.

  1. Give as much specific information as possible: sizes, speeds, type of equipment, wood species and condition, etc.  A posting of "Help, my saws don't cut straight!!" is too vague.  Remember, others can not see what you see - draw a picture for them.

  2. Take some time composing your posting.  Sometimes it does not look as good when re-read the next day.  

A Few Rules....

To encourage the use of this forum and the free exchange of ideas, a few ground rules are necessary:

  1. When someone responds to your question, please thank them by e-mail.  Remember, they took the time from a busy day to think about and write a response.  If there were many responses, post a general thank you on the Filer's Forum.

  2. Use concise, professional language.

  3. Keep to the topic.  People have only a limited time to read the postings.  Do not waste their time.



If you have a question,  comment or suggestion about the Filer's Forum,   please use the Feedback Form or contact Bruce Lehmann at lehmann - at-  (anti spam)


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