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Free Technical Literature

Bruce Lehmann has written several papers on sawing technologies which have been presented at industry conferences and filer's meetings.  In response to requests for copies, you can now download them.  As other papers become available, they will also be posted.

These papers are available to be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).  If you don't have Acrobat, press the button below.....we would like to hear from you to get your reaction to the booklet.. 

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NOTE:  You may need the Technic True Type font to print some of the documents.   Download

We can also mail you a copy, if you wish. Request booklet.  Be sure to get us your full address.


Sawing Options for Profits

Eliminating Barriers to Sawing Performance (Seminar Overheads with notes)


Setting up a Machine Alignment Program (Updated)

Practical Alignment Tools and Techniques

Quick calculation for adjusting square wires to a 3-4-5 triangle

Teeth and Grinding

Saw Tooth Design & Tipping Materials

Alignment Problems and Techniques for Saw Grinders (updated)

Avoiding Common Problems in Saw Preparation


Bandmill Alignment

Band Resaws:Operation, Setup & Alignment

Bandsaw Washboarding

Bandmill Strain System Response

Bandsaw monitoring

Bandsaw Backcrown Chart

Circular Saws

Circular Saw Technology

Thin Kerf Sawing Technologies (updated)

Heating and Cooling of Circular Saws

Saw Design: Feeds and Stiffness

Feeds and Speeds Formula Sheet

Tools for Designing Bandsaws: Load Index and Fatigue Index

Quality Control & Continuous Improvement

Trouble-shooting with Saw and Board Patterns


The following booklets are also available.......

Alignment of Chip-N-Saws and Canter Lines

Edger Alignment   (Print on legal paper, 2 pages per sheet)


New design for Electric Sensing Head

Magnetic Feet for Spider

Calculators for Saw Design and Guide Pressure


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Technical Papers
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Formulas for saw feeds & speeds

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