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Thin Kerf Technologies.... your source for Practical Solutions and Instruments for  sawing, feeding and chipping problems.  We have the mill floor experience, the professional skills and  access to the latest developments in sawing and chipping technology.  TKT provides  training, advice, and instruments to improve the operation of your mill.

Our Goal:

    To provide the technology and information needed for modern sawmills and secondary wood producers to obtain the maximum value from the raw material.      

TKT provides:

  • Special alignment instruments and filing room equipment

  • Saw selection software for band and circular saws

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Do you have a question about sawing?  Drop into the Filer's Forum

If you have a question about some aspect of sawing technology, post it on the Filer's Forum discussion page.  Or, browse through the postings to see if you can help someone else.

Contacting TKT

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  •     Mail        13485 16 Avenue, Surrey, B.C. Canada,      V4A 1P6


New design for Electric Sensing Head

Magnetic Feet for Spider

Calculators for Saw Design and Guide Pressure


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