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Quick-check saws and slabber heads without running a tight-wire...

About three years ago we developed and started to sell, Straght Edge Jigs that could be used as part of the regular alignment procedure....or for Quick-Checks of a machine ... that can be done, say in a lunch break.... Since then we have sold about 36 straight edge jigs. Most are used on sharp chain canters. There is no doubt they meet a need in the industry - most of our sales for these custom engineered products come from people who have seen them in use at another mill. 

Some of our clients only use this jig for aligning saws and slabber heads. They find it to be fast, easy to use and accurate.


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Straight Edge Jig used on a Line Bar Bandmill

These jigs are all based on a precision machined aluminum straight edge, oten 8 feet long.  A linear bearing is bolted in the web of the straight edge, so that a dial gauge can be mounted on the slide and the lead of a surface measured with the dial gauge.  The linear bearing can be made long enough to check the leads for a quad bandmill, or the slabbing section, including anvils, of a canter.

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The straight edge can be held against a line bar or special adapters can be built to mount it on sharp chains or splined bed plates in canters.   The accuracy of the lead measurements is dependent on the straightness of the sharp chain or spline, but if these are well maintained, then the Straight Edge Jig allows the lead to be checked very quickly.

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Pins on mounting plate can be designed to lock into any spline or over a sharp chain link. By turning the base plate, the pins lock against the reference surfaces, leaving the vertical pin exactly centered.

Prices are by quotation because each machine has a different set up.

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