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BandSel  ...

.......helps sawfilers, maintenance managers and production supervisors make decisions about saw design and production operations.  Bandsel builds on the basics of bandsaw design to incorporate the latest developments in bandsaw technology.  BandSel is based on a computer model of the blade, including the teeth, roll tensioning, bandmill strain and blade speed that estimates blade stiffness - which is the most important factor affecting cutting accuracy. 


  • Direct calculation of within-board sawing deviation.  Recommends feed speed for required deviation.

  • Improved power calculation

  • Cutting time analysis

  • Better reports

  • Analyse up to 20 depths of cut   


Techniques from sawing research

  • Bandsaw Load Index (BLI)   - A measure sawing accuracy that considers blade stiffness and the cutting forces.

  • Bandsaw Fatigue Index(BFI)  -  An assessment of stresses in the blade, that when high, will lead to excessive gullet cracking.


Uses for BandSel

  • Assess how a change in operation affects performance
  • Investigate trade-offs between production and recovery
  • Give warnings when operations are outside accepted conditions
  • Trouble-shoot sawing problems
  • Select saw design and feed speeds for new installations or rebuilds
  • Calculate feeds and speeds
  • Teaching aid about bandsaw operation and design
  • Store setup data for each bandmill
  • Print reports


Built-in Factors

  • Blade dimensions
  • Strain
  • Wheel speed
  • Tooth characteristics
  • Wood properties
  • Tensioning
  • Gullet condition (grinding)
  • Wheel condition



  • Gullet Feed Index (gullet loading)
  • Sawing deviation
  • Bite per tooth
  • Gullet area and hook length
  • Recommended feed speeds
  • Guide pressure
  • Power requirement


User's Manual

BandSel comes with a user's manual that is also a textbook about the factors that affect bandsaw design, operations and sawing performance. The manual is fully indexed for quick reference. 

  • The basics of bandsaw operation and design
  • Assessing blade and bandmill maintenance
  • Using BandSel for trouble-shooting

BandSel Manual

BandSel brochure

For installations on Windows after Vista, the WinHelp32.exe file is not included. To get the Online Manual to work with these operating systems, please go to to install the appropriate version of WinHelp32.exe

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